What Is Needed For A Website

For those who are new to owning and/or operating a website, the whole process can seem a bit overwhelming. To help you better understand what is involved with setting up a website, we have provided a simple breakdown below.

1. Domain Name

A domain name is the “www.yourbusinessnamehere.com” that users will use to access your website (similar to a phone number). You must purchase your desired domain name in order to associate it with your website. Domain names can be purchased from a Domain Name Registrar, average between $10-25 per year (for basic, non-competitive terms), and can be paid for annually, biannually, etc. If you need to purchase a domain name, GoRocketWeb can assist you.

2. Website Layout

At GoRocketWeb we refer to all of the hard-coded files needed to make your website readable by a web browser (such as Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer) the “website layout”. These files will likely include HTML files, CSS files, PHP files, and JavaScript files. The website layout provides the basic structure and design for your website.

3. Content

The content for your website is the actual information you want presented to your customers. This often includes (but is not limited to) a description of goods and/or services, contact information, and/or images.

4. Web Server (Web Host)

Once you have a domain name, a website template, and all of your desired content, you will need a place to “store” all of this information and make it accessible on the World Wide Web. Since it is not economical for most individuals and/or small businesses to own and operate their own web server, most turn to a web hosting company for support. A web hosting company will allow individuals and/or companies to lease space on a server within their data center. Web hosting costs vary depending on the type of hosting requirements, and costs are typically billed in a monthly, annual, or biannual cycle.

GoRocketWeb works with one of the industry’s leading Web Hosting providers, to ensure our clients websites are hosted in a state of the art data center located in the United States, with a 24-hour dedicated team of systems administrators and customer support staff.

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