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Below is a brief overview of the services we offer, please contact us regarding the service you are interested in for full details. If you are brand new to the wonderful world of websites, you may find our brief overview What Is Needed For A Website helpful.

Custom Websites.

GoRocketWeb Development caters to all small and medium sized businesses by offering limitless custom website options. We can fully develop a custom website from the ground up to fit your needs. Content Management Systems, Ecommerce solutions, and full website management services are just a few of the things we offer.

For a full custom built website, you will work one-on-one with an experienced web developer, from website conception to website completion. We offer cutting-edge design techniques, and adhere to the most recent web standards, giving our clients some of the cleanest, quickest, best looking and top performing sites available. All of our websites are HTML5 compliant, and built using responsive design methods, which will give you a clean, fast, and highly professional website that will look great on any device it is being viewed on.

The costs of our custom built websites are based upon the type of site needed, and the size of site needed. For a custom website, the costs are calculated at an hourly rate. If you are interested in having a custom website developed by GoRocketWeb, please contact us today for a price quote and more information.

Warp Speed Websites.

Our Warp Speed Website Package is the perfect fit for any company that is looking for a high quality, ultra professional website, completed quickly, and at a price that is affordable. The largest expense associated with creating a website, is the hourly rates that accrue from developing a site from scratch. Our Warp Speed Website Package eliminates the hourly costs associated with a standard website design for the smaller, less-complex websites that are usually needed by most small to medium sized businesses. With our Warp Speed Website Package you will get a customized website, unlimited customer support, and email account set up all for one flat-rate fee.

Our Warp Speed Website Package is perfect for most small businesses and organizations. You will work one-on-one with a dedicated web developer, who will provide you with design direction, and create your completely customized website. You will be responsible for providing your website content, logos, and images. Once your site is complete, your dedicated web developer will take care of setting up your web hosting, uploading your site, and creating your new email accounts.

Our Warp Speed Website Package provides you with a fully functioning website in about 7 to 14 days. The process may take longer if you require multiple customizations to the website (1 design revision is included, additional charges apply for any after), do not have content written for your website, and/or do not yet have a logo for your business.

*Our Warp Speed Website Package is a one-time fee, however the price does not include large-scale website updates that may be needed after the initial setup, the cost of your domain name, future website redesigns, or web hosting and maintenance fees. Multiple web design revisions, Ecommerce solutions, custom Content Management Solutions, custom plugins, content creation, and graphic design services are not included in the Warp Speed Website Package price.

  • Custom Website Design
  • Up To 15 Web Pages Of Content
  • Dedicated Web Developer For Set Up
  • WordPress Integration
  • Unlimited Customer Support
  • Web Hosting Set Up
  • Email Account Set Up
  • Social Media Integration

Website Hosting and Management.

If you are new to websites, you may be unfamiliar with what web hosting is. Once your website is built you will need a place to store it, and make it accessible for your customers and clients on the web. To do this, you will need a web server. Since it is not economical for most individuals or small businesses to own and operate their own web server, most will turn to a web hosting company which leases out space on a server within their data center.

GoRocketWeb works with one of the industry's leading Web Hosting providers, to ensure that our clients websites are hosted in a state of the art data center located in the United States, with a 24-hour dedicated team of systems administrators and customer support staff. Our provider offers a tier 3 (n+1) redundant data center, which means they have all of the capabilities to maintain the maximum uptime possible for your website + 1 extra back up for all of your data.

At GoRocketWeb, we take basic web hosting one step further, by automatically including content management, maintenance, updates, and tech support for your website in all of our plans. The majority of hosting plans on the market provide little support for their customers, typically by call center employees located in various countries around the world, who have no direct experience with you or your site. GoRocketWeb provides all of our website hosting clients with quick, easy, and direct support from our experienced development team, located in Madison, WI. Most of the time you will receive all of your help and support from the primary developer of your website. No long wait times and no language barriers, just help with all of your website needs, when you need it.

Having your website professionally managed by us, leaves you free to focus on the needs of your business or organization. Contact us today to find out more about our low cost annual and monthly Website Hosting and Management Plans.

*Large-scale updates, additions, and website web design revisions are not included in our Website Hosting and Management package.

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Email Service With 2GB Mailbox Quota
  • 1GB MySQL & PgSQL Databases Quota
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • All Hosting Set Up And Maintenance
  • Basic Website Management and Updates
  • Unlimited Website Maintenance and Support

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