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While profitability is essential to defining any company’s success, we at GoRocketWeb Development believe that a company’s success can also be defined by their willingness to help those in need. Our goals as a business certainly include maintaining our company’s profitability in order to remain thriving and competitive in the market, however a much more personal goal shared by the team at GoRocketWeb is to help those in need. One of the best ways for a bunch of web developers and designers to help others is to offer their services at discounted rates… and that is just what we do here at GoRocketWeb.

If you are a small start-up, nonprofit, or charitable organization, you may qualify for some of our services at cost-value, or at a discounted rate. We review each case on an individual basis to determine how we are able to best help you, however below are a few guidelines outlining the qualifications for this program.

Small Start-Up Company.
Each year we take on several small start-up companies as clients, and provide them with our Warp Speed Website Package at a discounted rate. As a start up ourselves, we understand the limited budget constraints that are often present when a company is in its infancy. However, we also understand that for a company to become successful, a strong and competitive web presence is truly needed in today’s market, and we would like to help you achieve that. If you are a small start-up, less than 12 months old, who is currently not turning a profit, please contact us to see if we may be able to accomplish your web solution needs within your budget.

Nonprofit or Charitable Organization.
Each year GoRocketWeb Development provides nonprofit or charitable organizations with discounted web services. The first question often asked by a nonprofit or charitable organization looking to work with us is, “can you create our website for free?” While we would love to be able to design, develop, and host every nonprofit and charitable organizations website who contacts us free of charge, it is simply not possible for us to do this and remain in business ourselves. We look at each nonprofit or charitable organization on a case-by-case basis, and based upon their individual web solution needs and budget, we are often able to come up with a price point that works for the organization. If you are a nonprofit or charitable organization in need of a website or web service, please contact us today and lets talk about how we can work together to achieve your web solutions needs at a cost that works for your organizations budget.

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